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Yield yourselves as tools of righteousness unto God

--Apostle Paul to Romans

Below are listed some useful links


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Bible Search

this site offers the Bible in dozens of languages and versions. searchable. very useful for comparitive study

The unBound Bible

this site offers the Bible in dozens of languages and versions side by side. very useful for side by side comparisons of text

e-SWORD setup

this is a new web page that will provide you with a series of FREE downloadable modules that you can install on a windows(r) machine to have a complete Bible wherever you go! This also features several other modules you can install to help in Bible study! (multi-language packs!)

Strong's Concordance Search

this is a basic Strong's Concordance search

Using an Online Concordance

this link is a PDF i created to help explain both HOW to use an online concordance and the VALUE of the Biblical insights gained. Here's a link to a blogpost i created using this tool.

Simple Concordance

this site provides a basic GREEK concordance very straightforward; offers comparitive word useage and non-canonical comparisons!

Greek Interlinear

this site provides downloable (by chapter) interlinear work. very intensive.

Study Interlinear

this site provides a interwoven Greek language translation with STRONG's concordance numbers. very useful. a bit advanced, but cross-indexed for easy searching

Greek Study Bible

parallel translation with indepth Greek study tools (NT); advanced ; be patient. it takes a bit of time to load

Bible Dictionary

this will provide explanations for almost any word found in Scripture

OT Maps

provides maps of the Old Testament Regions; also click here for my own collection

NT Maps

provides maps of the New Testament Regions; also click here for my own collection

Bible History Tools

provides a wealth of information; ancient geography, basic history, sketches, documents

Bible Timeline Images

provides very detailed look at Biblical Timelines integrated with other world events and timetables. Useful for comparitive chronology. Includes printable Graphics

EGW Estate

this site contains links that allow you to search Ellen G. White works

Bible PPT Resources

this site contains some media for use with PowerPoint

Notes for Class

Notes for Class

Audio for Class

Audio Files in MP3 format for Religion III & Religion IV

Word Study Reflection Sheet

This is a printable PDF of the Word Study Guide

Bible Humor

God Tube

Bible related Video site

last updated August 2013