What we do

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To be a sanctuary for and to educate all of humanity

The decision to establish our company as “The Ark Initiative” came from a lengthy discussion about the primary goal we were seeking to achieve. We wound up talking about Noah and the flood, and about how we feel that the modern world is actively flooding everyone’s lives with cynical and pessimistic information. What is it in the story of Noah that saves him and his family, along with thousands of animals? Correct: the ark. We want our company to reach people who have been drowning in the negatives of life and give them hope–a chance to be saved through Jesus. As The Ark Initiative, we are committed to being a reliable resource for everyone who needs to find peace in Jesus Christ. We are taking the initiative to be an Ark.

What We Do

We provide products for people from all walks of life. All these products are created with a purpose.

Logo Design

Our logo draws inspiration from the
Biblical Ark. In the middle of the
storm, out on the waters, the Ark
remains protected by God.

Business Cards

In typical fashion, our business cards are
simple in design but effective in conveying
professionalism and communicating basic
resources to help interested people get in
contact with us and discover our other


The keychains we’ve designed are
meant to be useful in everyday life
and be reminders of what we are
working towards


Mugs are popular with all demographics,
and they are a great way to showcase our
designs and message.


Pens are perhaps some of the most
useful merchandise for companies
to produce. We hope that people
will see our pens and be interested
in learning more about our company
and our mission.


We chose to place a dove on the
back of shirts, symbolizing our
message of hope from difficult
circumstances that we want to
help provide.


With this board-game we hope
to reach a younger audience that
wants to be entertained by
products, not just educated or
marketed to.


It is an important part of the Ark
Initiative’s mission to make content
accessible for people of all ages
and all around the world. Videos
help us keep people engaged while
educating them in some way.


using a medium most often consumed
by a younger demographic, the film
team is able to reach everyone,
no matter the age.


The Ark Initiative podcast is a way
for our company to explain our
message and give an inside look
on what we’re doing behind the


Music is a language that everyone
understands. By creating music that
is uplifting, we bring people closer
to feeling like they are in a safe-place,
or a sanctuary.


Each watercolor painting both
tells a different story relating
to the Great Controversy, and
conveys the hope we hope to share
in Jesus’s sacrifice.

Download a more detailed description of everything we have produced.